Beauty Tips from the Capitol

Since “The Hunger Games” is taking over the world in just 52 days, it would behoove us all to strive to meet the Capitol’s demands for looking our best. Style icon and District 12 escort Effie Trinket takes the time to explain these things to us on the new (and Capitol approved) Web site Capitol Couture.

Effie also wants to make sure your nails will be on point. She’s released some nail tips and propaganda, and to no ones surprise, District 12 ranks last in terms of nail care. No offense to all you D-Twelvers, but maybe you’d all get some more Capitol love and tessarae if you just start acting like you care about yourselves. Coal mines or not, it is just rude to have dirty nails. RUDE.

To help with this, China Glaze will release a line of polishes themed to the movie soon, all Trinket-approved, I’m sure!

While we’re on the Hunger Games topic, make sure to head on over to Twitter and follow the hysterical @District12Diva, whose sarcastic and witty tweets about life in the Seam are sure to brighten even the darkest Panem day.

May everlasting beauty be ever in your favor!

The Hunger Games opens nationwide on March 23rd, 2012. All images via


One thought on “Beauty Tips from the Capitol

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