Fun Nail Friday

We’re all loud & proud movie nerds so why are you so surprised that this week’s FNF is a salute to the movies again?

I’ve been utterly and dramatically sick for a few days, so I turned to the only thing that makes me feel better.

Don’t roll your eyes at me! This shit is the magical custard filled little batons of well-being for me. Worked better than acino-meenie-miney-mo-phrine and psuedoephredine and every other phine there ever was. Calories be damned. We’re talking about my HEALTH, here!

Anyway, my other beloved sick-time thing is the movie “Waitress.” Is the movie ringing any bells for you? If not, stop whatever you’re doing IMMEDIATELY (unless you are going through your Twitter feed while driving, in which case, finish getting through all of your updates before Zooey Deschanel uploads another 50 instagrammed pictures of her doing duck lips and you’re behind on your feed again) !

Thanks, Z. I needed that.

“Waitress” is the story of a small-time southern girl who makes the most amazing, topical pies ever. Throughout the movie I was really craving a slice of “I HATE MY HUSBAND” pie.

Snip,snip! Problem solved!

Stuck in an abusive marriage and with an unwanted pregnancy, Jenna, our sassy protagonist, learns of a pie contest in a nearby town that looks like her way out. Jenna is cheered on by her 2 waitress friends, her grumpy old boss, and the cute new-to-town doctor that she naturally has a fling with.  There are pies, laughs , and lots of tears along the way. LOTS OF EMBARRASSING TEARS. It’s rather creepy how much I cry during this movie. Absolutely one of my faves!

Without further ado, here is my “Waitress”-themed weekly mani!

As you can see, I was not kidding about that juicy delicious eclair. I couldn’t even wait for the polish to dry…


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