When Avril Met Sally

Hey hey you you, raise your fist if you are so DONE with Avril Lavigne.

image via vulturemagazine.com

Well, there’s your answer. The people of America (and Canada) have spoken. No more Avril, please.

Much to my dismay, one of my favorite nail companies has picked Miss Sk8er Boi to be the face of their new collection for their amazing Salon Effects press on nail line. Ugh, why?

I admit, SOME of the designs are actually kinda cute (I’d totally wear the colorful leopard print strips pictured above) but I don’t know. I feel like Avril belongs somewhere in 1998 and Sally Hansen could have chosen a more relevant artist to team up with. A Britney Spears line would SLAY, and so would a Taylor Swift collection. Gaga’s already tapped out at Barneys, but her stuff is so expensive that I most definitely wouldn’t even think twice about it.

It’s just…Avril? Really?


2 thoughts on “When Avril Met Sally

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