Worst of…

‘Tis the season for those pesky year-end lists!

It’s my turn to weigh in on who decided to be a total waste of makeup this year.

#5. Christina Aguilera. I’m sorry honey, but you do not get a free pass. Divorce is devastating, but so is having to look at you like this. Please. Get help.

What a girl wants? FOOD!

#4. Heidi Klum. She’s normally gorgeous, but here she just looks like she killed a seal and melted its skin down to use as war paint. WTF, I didn’t know there was an Arctic battle going on!

Definitely not kissed by a rose.

#3. Kat Graham. I don’t get what the deal is with this ugly Bratz doll. I’m not sure if she’s even a real person. Here she is in all her too-long false eyelash & overdone brow glory.

No, those can't be falsies!

#2. Alexa Chung. People are really into the homeless hipster don’t care look, so here is why MTV’s Alexa Chung is so popular. Can’t explain this one.

You got all prettied up for me, you shouldn't have!

#1. Courtney Stodden. Obviously. There wasn’t even a question that the media’s new annoying darling will top every “worst of” list of the year. In 2012, lets hope she gets kidnapped by the makeup fairy.

I mean seriously. What is this shit?


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