Fun Nail Friday!

It’s almost Christmas and by golly wouldn’t you know it just from looking at our nails. It’s supposed to be a sunny 71 degrees here in Los Angeles on Christmas day which is absolute bullshit, so I guess my mani for the week is just wishful thinking:

"Winding Down the Christmas Crazy"

I know. You expected some batshit holiday nail expression. I decided to go the opposite way because I’m so exhausted from Christmas; the crazy crowds, the manic sales, the forced togetherness. I feel like I just want to enjoy Christmas with my imaginary pug on a snowflake shaped couch in a quiet mountain cabin with a fire going, heating up my endless supply of Jack in the Box curly fries. I realize that’s asking for a lot, so I’ll settle for just the last thing 😉

The girls, however, had other ideas…

Here is LDL’s  “Christmas on Steroids.” Gah! Nice job LDL, but I am now Christmas scarred for life. Cut to me crawling on my hands and knees through a roll of wrapping paper whispering “So…much…Christmas..” before I am attacked by an elf brandishing some poisonous candy canes. <endscene>

Gah!!!! Here’s C.H.’s “Holiday Hodgepodge” in which she glitters the eff outta her nails. That’s the good thing about holidays. All the glitter.

Then just as my brain was about to explode from over-glitteration, MKL dials it back for “HO HO HOme for the Holidays!”

And that’s about it! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas weekend spend with family, friends, or at least a liter of vodka.



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