“O” my goodness!

Everyone raves about NARS most popular shade of blush “Orgasm.” As a fervent blush user, you’d think I would have tried it already, but I didn’t understand the hype.

Quite frankly, I just thought you all were faking it.

NARS highlighting/bronzing blush duo in "Orgasm/Laguna"

Sephora has this neat blush/bronzer duo compact that is your one stop shop to O-Ville. “Orgasm,” a peachy-pink shimmer, and “Laguna,” a sheer light brown shimmer, can be worn separately or together for a surprisingly natural glow. Yishar Koach, I am now a believer! Here without further ado, are the money shots:

Before: Instagrammed Winter Pallor 😦

After: An Acceptable Winter Glow 🙂

And I liked it so much I decided to do it again…

And again…

All jokes aside, here’s a full facial shot so you can see the difference this blush makes:

Stage left: glowy bliss; stage right: frustratingly pale

Mazels to Nars and Sephora for this orgasmic product.

NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo (available in 2 other shades) | http://www.Sephora.com or in stores | $40


4 thoughts on ““O” my goodness!

  1. I think Nars made this shade just for your skin tone. It looks amazing! The extra sheen it has didn’t work on my already sheeny/oily skin but I’ve been using Gilda which is a coral/slightly pinkish, matte shade and I love it. Would never use anything else.

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