Mermaid Hair!

Yes, you read that right. Think less Ariel and more one of her slutty sisters, though. Who wouldn’t want to rock long, flowy, diva-of-the-sea locks?

Probably just bitches with no souls.

So there’s a new kit hitting salons and stores next month from hair guru Kevin Murphy that gives you the all in one treatment. It includes: texture spray, wave clips, pin clips, & a texture net so you too can achieve those perfect “photoshoot at the beach” waves. And gurl, I NEEDZ it, because I usually end up emerging from the ocean looking more like this:

aka, Ursula's understudy

Than this:

Screw having part of your world, I want part of your hair!!!

Honestly Ariel, between hoarding whozits and whatszits galore & doing back alley deals with ocean monsters, I don’t know where you find the time to keep your hair so fab. Bitch.


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