Fun Nail Friday

Thankfully my health (but not sanity) has returned in time for this very special edition of Fun Nail Friday…Holiday Edition!

Let’s see what the most wonderful time of the year decided to puke up on our nails today, shall we?

Ornament in Death Grip

I decided to name this one “UGHHHHHHHHHH, holidays!” because that’s exactly how I feel right now about everything. “UGHHHHHHHHHH, washing dishes!” & “UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the crowded malls!” round out my emotions. This is pretty much a mishmash of everything holiday that I could think of.

But let’s start at the beginning:

I usually have an idea of what direction I want to go towards when I paint my nails. This time I did not. Clearly. So I just grabbed holiday colors and started painting. White nails?! Reverse french manicure?! What the what, this is so not me. I added on some glitter, snowflake nail design, and green rhinestones, and the look actually came together pretty nicely, for what this week’s theme was. And if you missed the memo, it is HOLIDAY EXPLOSION.

The girls decided to bring the crazy holiday goodness as well in their weekly manis:

MKL's "Bipolar Blues w/ a Side of Sugary Christmas Delight"

MKL hit it on the nose, because this is pretty much what everyone’s feeling right now. You know, feeling homicidal and eating too much sugar. I ❤ CHRISTMAS!

C.H.'s "Words with Friends" because she's all about the appropriate memos these days!

LDL reached into the deepest, darkest corner of her deranged mind & really brought the cray in this week’s ‘do.

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow All Over My Nails!" - She said nails but I knew she meant face...

Also, did you notice how obsessed with the iPhone collage app they are? I think it’s kind of amazing, so I decided to get in on the action as well.

Happy holidays…9 days til liftoff!


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