Fun Nail Friday!

Ooooooh, GIRL! I am so excited to present this week’s FNF post! I saw it on a nail blog and totally HAD to have it on my nails this week. Super fun look, even more fun than singing Selena Gomez songs in the style of Celine Dion! (Note: Try it, it’s AMAZING–thanks Gen for the idea!) So without further ado, here is “I’m too lazy to bake!”

I literally want to eat my fingers.

I was trying to think of every cutesy bakery print I could. Every time I look down at my nails, I get really happy.

This was a fairly easy mani, but it was tedious because most of it involves watching paint dry. Also, if you’re not ambidextrous you’ll definitely have trouble with your non-dominant hand. Trust, my left hand has really sad, unsure looking cupcakes. But I digress!

Here’s how I did it:

(L-R): Top coat, OPI’s “Color So Hot It Berns”, China Glaze’s “For Audrey,” Sally Hansen nail art pens in black & white. Note: In the end, I opted to use a rhinestone as the cupcake topper instead of red polish. Make sure your base polish is completely dry before starting your nail art, or else your colors won’t be as vibrant.

Lastly, apply your normal 56 coats of top coat and dry, dry dry.

Not everything was sugar and spice though, I did have some gripes with my tools. “For Audrey” is a beautiful Tiffany blue polish that looks SO amazing at first but after a few days it starts looking like sad, chipped house paint. It’s such a short term polish it kills me! Second, the nail art pens are better suited for small designs, like polka dots. My middle fingers, the stripes, are chipping and even though I layered the white polish on them, they are still kind of fussy and opaque. Problems aside, it’s still a really fun look to show off for the week.


One thought on “Fun Nail Friday!

  1. LMAO @ singing Selena Gomez songs in the style of Celine Dion. GEEZ, your nails are so cute. You should wave those cupakes in front of people that constantly bite their nails. It’ll tease them…

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