Tinsel Dome

If you had all the money in the world, how would you wear your hair?

Like this?

Or like this??

If you’re Beverly Hills’ resident casino ownin’-shoe line hawkin’-tell it like it is mamacita Adrienne Maloof, you probably picked the hairstyle behind door number 2. I mean, I like the lady enough, but why does she remind me of a walking Wet-n-Wild cosmetics explosion?

That's the pose of a woman who likes what she likes and that's that, gosh darnit!

And for Chrissakes, the fucking HAIR TINSEL!!!

What's she doing here? I can't bear to look!

When your net worth is approximately $300 million dollars, you usually do things like get diamonds encrusted in your teeth and insure your butt cheeks. Adrienne decided to go for hair tinsel. But this blonde Christmas tree ain’t alone, because Beyonce did it too.

Even though she's Beyonce, it still doesn't work.

I’m afraid of what Adrienne might do if she gets any richer. Will she sport the full-on tinsel dome? Only time will tell.

That's money.






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