Pssst! I love you!

I used to bitch about dry shampoo. The can ran out too fast, it was too expensive, it left my hair feeling all weird…I could go on! That was until I spotted this retro lookin’ sonofagun on the shelf.

Not pictured: 70s stache

Psssssst is absolutely brilliant. I actually got more out of this than I did others I’ve tried (SORRY OSCAR!!!). That’s right, Pssssssters, you’ve knocked my Oscar Blandi to the back of my hair product cabinet. Not only is this a great dry shampoo, but it’s a very effective root booster as well! I was feeling pretty oily this weekend so I sprayed it all around my head on the roots. I flipped my hair over, looked up, and guess who looked like she partook in a discreet roll in the hay? THIS GIRL!

Oops, sorry. My subconscious added this picture in for some reason.

It also has a strangely comforting smell. Like your friend’s mom or a kickass teacher’s classroom. Weird, I know, but you’ll kind of just have to believe me. Also available: instant dry shampoo for wavy and curly hair. It’s a great refresher after those half-assed gym sessions and it promises to not weigh down your curl!

Thanks, Psssssst. Love you like a love song!

Psssssst Instant Dry Shampoo | 5.3 oz  can |Available at retailers nationwide & online | $6.99


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