Fun Nail Friday!

Hey Friday, why the hell did you take so long to get here? Jerk! But now that that’s off my chest, can I just say how wonderful you look today?

Thanks girl. Must be my nails!

This week’s nails were inspired by “The Muppets.” Miss Piggy is and always will be my diva inspiration! That’s why this week’s very special mani is called “‎There is no one on the planet to compare with Moi.” Testify, girl!

The set up

I used a light pink polish and some amazing dried flowers from my nail supply place (location: top secret) to get the look. Dried flower on the nail?! WTF? Don’t worry, they’re easy. Like any nail decoration, I just picked it up with my handy nail stick and a drop of top coat or clear polish. Carefully place it on your nail after your polish base has dried and cover with approximately 56 coats of top coat. And voila!

And there you have it! A super cute, super unique nail look.

And because my nail club girls were so fabulous this week, I’m gonna share their nail looks as well!

C.H.'s "He told me once to be brave...I am brave."

L.D.'s ‎"Everything's prettier in San Francisco... And they have nail art pens"

M.L.'s "Post-Vacation HumpDay BLUES"

C.H. chipped her first set so she repainted! Here's "We're not in Kansas anymore, but we have the Nsync Christmas album so we'll be fine"

I have some tricks up my sleeve so I’m looking forward to next weeks’ nail art! Let’s keep stepping it up, girls! Because guess what, nails may not be the first thing that anyone looks at, but if they’re not done, they make the biggest negative impression!


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