Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!

I’ve never had bangs. I don’t have the face for them, I don’t have the hair for them, let’s just be honest. I don’t have the guts for them!

*Note: actual photo

Do you blame me? I think they’re quite tricky to pull off! Check this equation out:

This is a mathematical explanation as to why Zooey’s look works. However, in my opinion, this ratio is a little off, as it should read 33.3% bangs, 33.3% huge eyes, and 33.3% face. I am 100% not that. At all. I think bangs are also good for people who have perfected the cute deer in headlights look.

Not pictured: urge to hit her with a car

However, with a lot of coaxing and voodoo magic (aka Brazilian blowouts), my hair has become a lot more manageable and I recently got some bangs with training wheels (aka the elusive side bang) (giggle). I really like them and I think I might be ready to take our relationship to the next level. And here’s just the thing to help us around the bases:

Of course I would get my initial cut done professionally, but I would totally use this at-home trimming kit to get me through the awkward stages and maybe even chop more off if I’m feeling especially Zooey-like one day! The cool thing is the guide (which you strap over your face) allows for either blunt bangs or sideswept bangs.

It’s an exciting new product going on sale next month and guess what? You can buy it now for just $19.99! But wait—there’s more!

No, there isn’t. Just get your hands on your own PurrrFect Bangs kit before they’re all gone!

PurrrFect Bangs–The Bang Trimming Kit by ChristiCat | | $19.99 + s/h


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