Very Hollywood

I love Michael Kors. He’s pretty much my 7th favorite Michael (after Jackson, Jordan, K. Williams, Bolton, Moore, & Cera), so whatever he makes, I will buy. I was a huge fan of his first perfume “Michael,” so when I saw this cute, pink and gold “Very Hollywood” on the shelf, I was bound by the forces of nature and gravity and all that is holy to try it out.

It’s a nice scent. A little reminiscent of “Michael” with its notes of gardenia, mandarin, and bergamot; it’s fruity, playful and refreshing. I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling pretty glamorous right now. Thanks Mike!

BUT, if you’ll notice, this product is half eau de parfum rollerball and half lip gloss. Okay? Michael, as much as products for the “girl on the go” is in demand, we do not need a perfume/lipgloss combination. That’s just getting lazy, don’t you think? I tried the lip gloss out this morning, and I was instantly transported back to 6th grade. And NOT in a good way (just kidding, there’s no good things about 6th grade). Why? Because Michael Kors rollerball/lipgloss smells and tastes like god damn LIP SMACKERS!!! I can almost feel my first pimple forming all over again.

Just kidding, I never had any.

So yes, the name of this product “Very Hollywood” totally matches. Because behind the fancy bottle and price tag, it’s really just a cheap, sad thing.


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