Ungh, Monday.

I wish I could show off an impeccable makeup look today, but I was really busy last night…getting drunk off Chocolate wine (yes, that’s a real thing and it’s glorious) and catching up on “The Tudors,” featuring my new obsession Henry Cavill.

I do wish he would close his legs. It's just so distracting and DISRESPECTFUL.

This is all I could muster up this morning, but I’m actually pretty happy with the simplicity of it. It’s from my recent Sephora nano eyeliner purchase (Part I here) and this color is called “Kaki Green.”

To tell you the truth, it looks atrocious on the pencil. It’s got all the charm of an eyeliner that looks like it’s been made of the powder of ground up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Split Pea soup. BUT…with the right skin tone (i.e., mine) it looks pretty cool. You know what I mean, this color doesn’t seem like it would work on people who have cool skin tones. You’d probably look like you have the flu. And do you know how they take care of the flu (and every illness including but not limited to toothaches, pregnancies, & high blood pressure) in “The Tudors?”

And this is why the life expectancy was age 14.


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