Fun Nail Friday!

Happy Friday! Today is so special, because as you may have heard, the date is 11/11/11. There will never be a palindrome date like this again until…oh…11 days later. #Fetch

On to today’s fun nail look! You’ve heard of ombre hair color, the trendy look in which hair color is applied in such a way that the darker roots blend into a lightened mid-shaft and end. Ombre translates to “gradation” in French, and can be seen all over the runways, in both the clothes and the hair.

And now…on nails! Here’s what I did to create this fresh look.

Step 1: Choose a starting color. This time I decided to go with a skanky purple polish. You’ll also need a white and black polish for your tint and shade.

Step 2: Use some kind of makeshift item as a palette (I used a shave ice or snow cone cup) to do your polish mixing. Add in drops of the polish and mix the colors to your liking.

Step 3: Take a break. Go on, you deserve it!

Since every store is pimping out Cupcake wines, so will I!

Step 4: Carefully, before the paint dries on your ghetto palette, apply your mixed color to nails, saving one nail for the original polish color. I painted the original color (we’ll call it Purple Skank) on my index finger.

What a fun, original look for your nails! A little stressful to recreate at times, but hey, that’s the life of an artist, right?

Lazy? Uncoordinated? Have more money than you know what to do with? Then check out this ombre nail set gift-wrapped just for you!



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