inn-OVATION or scam-OVATION?

I’ve been curious about Ovation Cell Therapy for a long time. I hear tons of commercials claiming that this magical hair product has made hair longer, shinier, healthier, and in time, made of actual spun gold*. I can hear all you frizzy girls OVulating just thinking about having those long, luscious horse hair locks.

Honestly! If you can't make me look like this, don't even bother!

But does it REALLY work? It sounds like these Ovation products, whose parent company also makes the infamous horse shampoo for humans, is playing into the frizzy girl’s emotions. Let’s be real, use your horse sense. We frizzies will buy just about anything that will claim to make our hair straight and shiny. And if it says it will make your hair grow faster than the speed of light too?! <insert horse-related saying here!>

I’m not saying that Ovation Cell Therapy is for the horses birds. I’m just saying that it sounds too good to be true. However, I still would try this product for neighs and giggles. If someone sends it to me. For free. Pretty please?

Also: will whinny for dental help.

*Kidding. It’d be more valuable if it turned your hair into limited edition Twilight posters.


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