Nails Nails Nails

I am downright obsessed with nail polish. Years ago, when I was a fool, I would buy nail polish full-price from MAC, Macys, Ulta, OPI, you name it. I even spent $50 bidding on the it-color of the season: Chanel Black Satin nail polish.

You don't even want to know what I had to do to afford this in college...or do you?!

But those days have gone and now I find myself perfectly content with brushing off-brand polishes onto my nails. I’ve found a way around paying full price too, usually by buying polish and supplies directly from suppliers. I made quite a good haul this weekend so I thought I’d share my most recent manicure.

ULTA "Little Black Dress"

First, I painted a sparkly black polish onto my nails.

Bright blue sparkle polish

Then I added a bright blue glitter, concentrating its sparkly powers at the top of the nail, and then, with a lighter hand, painting some glitter going down the nail towards the cuticle. The effect I was going for was kind of like a falling star effect. I think it turned out pretty nice and subtle, and just in time for gloomy fall.

Here’s a clearer pic:

I’ll be sharing my DIY manicures weekly, just like I how do with my friends and our recently formed “Nail Club.” It’s like a book club, but with nail polish and no books and no club. What kind of DIY manicures are you hoping to try this fall?


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