Products we’re excited for!

Every now and then, a new product is announced that makes our hearts go pitter-patter. This month, our pick at ATWOM is Keratin Earth’s natural straightening solution.

My hair follicles are possibly ovulating at the thought.

Keratin Earth’s system comes with a 4-product system: the shampoo, the straightening therapy, the nourishing masque, and lastly, the protein conditioner. The products, when used correctly and depending on your hair type, should significantly straighten your hair for at least 30 days to as long as 3 months. To me, this sounds great. No more checking daily deal sites for a cheap Brazilian blowout, no possible formaldehyde poisoning, & best of all, you could even give yourself a world-class straightening from the comfort of your pajamas. How awesome is that? I’m no hairstylist, but this product looks easy enough to use.

KE (yes, we call each other by our initials now) looks like it provides the same straightening effects you can get from the Japanese straightening system and the Brazilian blowout, without the uberflat straightness and the possible formaldehyde fumes, respectively. KE works under essentially neutral conditions using a combination of mild ingredients and protecting, restructuring, and conditioning components.

The system is $99.95 through October, apparently, and it looks like its only for a 30-day supply. Seems a little steep for a month’s worth of straightening, but if it works and lasts longer than that, this could be a product that I soon become obsessed with. Can’t wait to try it! See for yourself here.


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