O-no, O-Glow…

I’m always looking for the new, innovative thing in the beauty product world, so when Smashbox’s O-GLOW came out, I gladly shelled out $26 for a tube and could not wait to take it out for a spin. The description is complex and scientific, so I thought “WOW! You need a B.A. in biology to understand this new blush! That means it will totally work.”

Contains C20H11N2Na3O10S3; street name: Bullshit.

The description reads:

Experience instant chemistry as you watch your complexion go from so-so to oh-so-glowing! This intuitive cheek color reacts with your personal skin chemistry to transform from a silky clear gel into the shade you blush naturally.

O-Glow is packed with our exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed for antioxidant protection, and revitalizing marine botanicals for added healthy-skin benefits.

Seems simple enough. You spread the clear, slightly grainy gel onto your cheeks, and it instantly turns pink, giving your cheeks a flush in the color you would normally get when you…well, see the product’s name for a hint. It sounds pretty cool, except when I use it, it comes out looking more like this:

Major exaggeration.

My point is, I get some splotchy pink smears on my cheeks, and it fades very quickly. It looks more like an exercise flush than a natural “O-Glow,” as they call it. I end up looking more like a chubby 4th grader who just ran a mile than a post-coital sex kitten. (Note to self, those two examples should never be used in the same sentence. Gross!) If anything, you should use your O-Glow on top of another, more substantial blush.

It could be because I’m relatively tan, or it could be because Smashbox is trying to pull a bunch of biological mumbo-jumbo over our heads, but I can tell you that I’m not a big fan of this product.


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